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Retinectomy as a Pressure Lowering Procedure

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Retinectomy as a Pressure Lowering Procedure

DOI: 10.3207/2537660212

The rational for a retinectomy in the context of refractive glaucoma is the fact that the retina is the main barrier for the transition of water from the vitreous cavity to the choroid. The advantage of a retinectomy in refractive glaucoma is, that a retinal hole cannot close/heal. Thus the IOP lowering effect lasts as long as the underlying choroidal sponge is perfused. Complications are PVR retinal detachment. That is why it is advisable to reserve retinectomy to eyes only when in a stage of


Author: Bernd Kirchhof
Submitted: 29/07/2009
Published: 14/08/2009
Views: 5124

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