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Illuminated Cutter plus Chandelier Light

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Illuminated Cutter plus Chandelier Light

DOI: 10.3207/1107376201

Vitreous to be demonstrated requires a focused light or a light source close to the cutter tip. A diffuse light pipe must be approached to the cutter tip. A chandelier light is diffuse and in most locations to distant from the cutter tip and unsuitable to visualize vitreous. The chandelier light provides the diffuse light for the overview (safety) and an additional light should be positioned close to the cutter opening. An illuminated cutter delivers the light where it is needed and allows a free hand to indent the retinal periphery or use an additional tool (forceps) to feed membranes into the cutter. The illuminated cutter comes as a set with a chandelier light.


Author: Bernd Kirchhof
Submitted: 20/08/2009
Published: 20/08/2009
Views: 4632

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