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Laser Refractive Lens Surgery using an Intraocular Femtosecond Laser

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Laser Refractive Lens Surgery using an Intraocular Femtosecond Laser

DOI: 10.3207/0906884659

This video shows an intraocular femtosecond laser (Alcon LenSx Lasers, Inc, Ft. Worth, TX, USA) used to perform laser refractive lens surgery. The laser uses build-in optical coherence tomography (OCT) to image the cornea, lens capsule and lens. Nucleus liquefaction, capsulorhexis and corneal incisions are then positioned on the screen, and the laser performs lens liquefaction followed by capsulorhexis and corneal incisions. Irrigation/aspiration only is used to remove the liquefied lens nucleus, and an intraocular lens is implanted.

Laser refractive lens surgery provides a far more accurate size and position of the capsulorhexis than the manual technique and enables the surgeon to combine the lens surgery with intracorneal refractive incision to correct astigmatism.


Author: Prof. Dr. Michael C. Knorz
Submitted: 01/11/2010
Published: 10/11/2010
Views: 9635

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